Revisiting the Roadtrip Travel Blog Architecture [Video]

Having recently made significant updates to the blog formerly known as Travelogue, I took coworkers on a tour of the architecture and odds-n-ends: automated location tracking, geocoding, route planning, map design, WordPress tinkering, and a magic spreadsheet.

I wrote about this blog and its underlying technology before. In late 2018, I completed a hurried MVP migration to WordPress. Since then, I continued making a steady stream of updates and building additional trinkets for our next adventure: driving from Austin to Anchorage.

During a 4K Test Kitchen session, I took my colleagues on a tour of the system and what I built to keep telling the story.

Revised Architecture

The system still relies on the same original components. The primary change since its original launch is a migration from Tumblr to WordPress. Since that relaunch in 2018, I’ve made improvements to frontend performance, map design, better location service integration, and the ability to submit content via email. Also two new gadgets:

We made it. Again.

We made it. Again.