Fix Webcam Exposure issues on Windows with FFMPEG

I sit in front of a window. If I dont’t stay exactly in front of it, my webcam darkens the image, turning me into a backlit Bond villain.

The windows behind me were making me regret my new home office layout. It was hard to find a way to change webcam autoexposure settings — but it’s possible! You can do this with OBS but only while broadcasting with OBS. Surprisingly, using FFPMEG, these changes persist for several hours affecting all applications.

# Set your "Device name" --- for me, that's "Brio 101"
ffmpeg -f dshow -show_video_device_dialog true -i video="Device name"

In the “Camera Control” tab, uncheck “Auto” for exposure and increase its value. If I set it any higher than -5, the framerate starts to drop (presumably for long exposure reasons).

Source: “How to access advanced settings for the integrated webcam on Windows 10” Fatima Wahab on AddictiveTips.