Club 209 Website and Photography

Location Photography and Website to revitalize the online presence of Club 209.

Club 209 needed a new website which could be more easily maintained and better exemplify visually its atmosphere and sophistication. I began with a location photoshoot; each photo was processed in HDR and are displayed on the website in a Polaroid-esque frame, which is intended to resonate with a crowd of an age that will remember their heyday, without alienating the youngest legal audience.

Club 209 also has very different crowds on different evenings. Photography was location-only to avoid building an expectation of a "typical" customer.

The Club 209 Website was awarded a Student ADDY Award by the Tulsa Chapter of the American Advertising Federation at ADDY44.

Special Fact: Two weeks after this website launched, I started working there as a bartender.

Design Applications: Photoshop CS5, Dreamweaver CS5

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