Product ownership and frontend development for an internationalized, localized, responsive website for Forcepoint, powered by Raytheon, the new face of Websense.

Forcepoint, powered by Raytheon, is the new face of Websense, an enterprise software company developing products and solutions to safeguard users, data, and networks against insider threats and outside attackers, in the cloud, on the road, and in the office. As part of the rebranding effort, Raytheon|Websense wanted:

  • To get off a very outdated and inflexible CMS
  • To unify management of multilingual and localized content
  • To be more self-sufficient, reducing the need to submit IT Helpdesk tickets for content management or minor feature adjustments
  • To retain and expand the deep integration of marketing analytics platforms and lead generation tools

As product owner on the project, I led a team of seven and managed requirements gathering, scope control, story writing, feature prioritization, release planning, and served as the internal client advocate. The new Forcepoint website is a mobile-first responsive Drupal 7 marketing site launched on a short timeline following the announcement of the joint venture between Websense and Raytheon Cyber Products. Editors are able to:

  • Reuse content throughout the site to reduce maintenance overhead,
  • Translate content into seven core languages in a centralized interface (internationalization),
  • Target customizable geographic regions for increased relevance (localization), and
  • Receive deeper leads insight through tight integration with Marketo and Tealium.
  • Completed as Product Owner for Four Kitchens
  • Platform: Drupal 7
  • Visit Forcepoint
  • Team:
    • Tech Lead: Jeff Tomlinson
    • UX Strategy: Caris Hurd
    • Design and UX: Jared Rogers
    • Engineers: Patrick Coffey, Luke Herrington, Marc Drummond, David Diers
    • Project Manager: Chris Devidal