Guthrie Green

A new Drupal website for Tulsa's newest urban park and outdoor performance venue.

Although I’ve been a LESS fan for CSS preprocessing, I decided to try SASS (just for fun) on this job. After implementing a foreach loop over an associative array in a stylesheet, I’m officially hooked and that stands out as the coolest discovery of this project. The George Kaiser Family Foundation approached Walsh for an identity and website for the new Guthrie Green urban park on Brady Street between Boston and Cincinnati, just down the street from Walsh. (If you haven’t been, you should go.) The site needed to be mobile-friendly for current visitors as well as very informative yet approachable to potential visitors. As such, an easy way to display content in many different contexts was necessary. Because of this, I added a set of ctools custom content types to allow nodes to be easily selected and automatically formatted as panes for use in panel pages and panel nodes.

  • Completed as Project Lead Developer for Walsh:Barnes Interactive
  • Development Platform: Drupal 7
  • Notable Modules: Panels and CTools (theme/module implement custom layouts and custom CTools content types), Calendar, Views, LinkIt
  • Custom Theme (responsive) and Module (for site-specific customizations, blocks, and content types)
  • Graphic Design by Walsh Branding
  • Visit Guthrie Green.