Intro to Singularity

A presentation on the Singularity Grid system: embrace your content and free yourself from predefined media queries, presentational classes, and clumsy layouts.

Singularity lets you toss out your old, stodgy grid system and create a system of columns and gutters that actually works with your content, allowing different layouts at different breakpoints, a visual order that isn’t tied to your source order, and no more terrible presentational class names.

In this half hour session, I cover how to use Singularity and combine it with Breakpoint, why writing media queries to your content is a superior approach to trying to fit your content into prefab media queries, and how separating your visual and source order leads to a better experience on mobile devices and desktop displays.

(The code samples which were broken on this demo have since been fixed. The new version of Singularity was incompatible with the version of Ruby Sass that I had Sassmeister configured to use.)

Presented at:

  • San Diego Drupal Camp, February 2017
  • San Diego Drupal Camp, February 2016
  • DrupalCon Barcelona, September 2015
  • San Diego Drupal Camp, February 2015
  • ATXSass Meetup, November 2014

Presentation designed using Reveal.js, a jQuery presentation framework.