Oktoberfest Brochure

A folded brochure of general information, scheduling, and a map for Oktoberfest 2010.

Oktoberfest contacted me to revamp their annual booklet/brochure. Traditionally, they have produced a half-letter book of at least twenty pages, costing approximately $30,000. I worked with their executive director to determine what was necessary to include and what could be stripped out. We ultimately decided on using a folded tabloid brochure reminiscent of an amusement park map. From there, I used the original poster art from Gorfam Marketing to style a layout that organized as much information as possible into the smallest size possible. This reduced their ultimate printing total down to under $7,000 for 75,000 brochures.

It must also be noted that the event map and the new identity (which was developed in 2008) were skillfully designed by TU graduate Ruby Whitney. It was a privilege to step in and continue in her absence as she thrives in New York City.

  • Design Applications: InDesign CS5, Illustrator CS5
  • Printing Method: Offset by Meek's Group, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Paper: Platinum Silk, 80#T
  • Typeface: Helvetica Neue (Condensed and Regular Widths)