PAC Trust Season Teaser

2010-2011 Season Teaser Card for Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust.

A simple season teaser card for the Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust. A dream client who told me during the brief to “just run with it, I’m sure we’ll love it.” Their only requirement was to display as many photos of the performers as possible and noted that most of their other collateral is “edgy with clean lines, very modern looking.”

Awarded a Gold Medal at the 2011 OSU Creative Lightning Awards.

  • Design Applications: InDesign CS4
  • Typeface: Univers
  • Printing Methods: Digital by J. D. Young in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Paper: Sappi LOE Glossy 80# Cover
  • Size: 9in x 3.75in
  • Download the Teaser Card PDF