Tulsa International Airport

A new WordPress website for the Tulsa Airport Authority's two properties: Tulsa International Airport and R.L. Jones, Jr. Airport

The Tulsa International Airport approached Walsh for a total rebranding effort including a new website that must be mobile-friendly. Their existing site was developed within a capable but proprietary CMS that made heavy usage of Adobe Flash and the "mobile site" was a distinct site with a separate content base that required double-entry. Along with a custom responsive theme, I developed plugins:

  • To download, parse, and display flight information with jQuery-powered client-side filtering and searching;
  • To collect map "layers" as a Custom Post Type which can be displayed on their own pages with the associated base layer or as part of an AJAX-powered Map Display which features layer groups;
  • To add custom widgets for a better recent posts display, a text/image widget (powered by Jonathan Christopher's Widget Image Field), and the flight information as a widget; and finally
  • To add an admin "Site Resources" tab with samples and templates for asset images, optimal image dimensions, and notes/reminders for ongoing maintenance.


  • Completed as Project Lead Developer for Walsh:Barnes Interactive
  • Development Platform: WordPress 3.4
  • Custom Theme (Responsive) and Plugins/Widgets (for Map Display, Flight Information Display, and Custom Widgets)
  • Graphic Design by Walsh Branding
  • Visit Tulsa Airports.